At Ambulance CMS, we make it easy! One price for all! We don't put limits or restrictions on our CMS.

One time setup fee of $1495

  • Includes custom design
  • Import all of current website pages
  Ambulance CMS

Monthly Price



USD / mo


ADA Compliance
World's Best SEO Web Technology
Manage Pages
Sales & Analytic Reports
Global Scripts
Dedicated 5 Star Support
Manage Templates & CSS (coming soon)
Admin Accounts unlimited
Galleries upgrade
Repeatable Blocks developer needed
Dynamic Templates developer needed
Birthday Club $10/mo
Careers $5/mo
Email Campaigns $20/mo
Events $7/mo
Locations $7/mo
Staff Members $5/mo
Popup $4/mo
Reviews $2/mo

We can be reached anytime during regular office hours. Give us a call at 585-981-8463 to speak with a member of our staff, or write to us in confidence through our website’s secured contact page.